Meesters in spiritualiteit

Marcel Braekers

This book is about mysticism, but it's also about everyday life, about the things that you come across, about desires and dreams, about openness and uninhibited listening to each other, and about listening and wait to experience something of the primeval ground to When everything is founded. The attitude of not-knowing know?? is so basic that they to everything: to the mundane and obvious dealings with each other, but also to fundamental questions of philosophy and theology or to the basic attitude of psychotherapy.
Meister Eckhart (1260-1328) is a safe guide. He was a Dominican and is one of the founders of the Dominican spirituality. Eckhart was a homo universalis, a man who both the Church father Augustine and the Jewish philosopher Maimonides read and quoted from the head. He was both inspired by the Greek Aristotle as Averroës, the Arab by the rationally thinking theologian Thomas Aquinas and the intuitive mystica Margareta Porete. His lyrics are an invitation to an interfaith dialogue. He was one of the first who preached and wrote in the vernacular, and that separating a clerical thinking too.

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